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  1. Hello Sandy
    I wanted to stop by and say hello and pay you some compliments.
     I want to tell you alittle about me and why I would be looking at fashion bloggers blogs
    I have a Degree in marketing from university of Michigan Ann Arbor Associate of Arts degree from School of arts Institute of Chicago Photography and fashion are my love! My first job was freelancing photography for Vogue Magazine which lasted 4 years then I got my dream job, working for Jimmy Choo and was over marketing for 18 great years! So I know something about showing a look for a sale! I was in an motorcycle accident in 2009 which took away my physical abilities to shoot, but still have my mind and passion for photography and fashion and have decided to give back to others.
    What brought me to looking at Fashion Blogs? I have a friend that approached me over three years ago about helping his daughter get started in fashion blogging. So for me to ever consider the idea, I had to do some home work on what works for this market. So I have looked and studied and compared every kind of fashion blog all over the world and even though there are a lot of very successful blogs that do the empty streets and sidewalks , which I have never understood, the special ones that are willing to take chances, and dare to be different, has the most attention. I felt like I had seen enough and with my input from all my experience, we could make something special happen. So she got married and got pregnant and decided she did not want to pursue blogging anymore. Now since I went to all this, I had an idea to help fashion bloggers free of charge and since I have so many contacts that I would put the right bloggers to the right sponsors. I started putting my idea out there over two years ago and had nothing but success as they pay me to find what they want. I do not get payed unless the  sponsor uses the blogger in their campaign. So I am here to support, coach and collaborate with the bloggers so they can do what they need to land these campaigns with he sponsors.
     Now on to why I contacted you!
    I love your look and style!
    Great photography!
    Great use of outdoor locations!
    I look at a lot of these blogs and you have something special and just wanted to say keep up that great work!
    Don H.

  2. Sandy would you be interested in talking about sponsorship and collaboration?
    If so contact me please
    Thanks Don H.